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Katana 8 2550

Choose cutting length :

Specification Katana 8 2550

cutting thickness 8 mm
Cutting length 2550 mm
Power of main motor 11 kW
Machine weight 6050 kg

Details Katana 8 2550

One of the most versatile guillotine shear on the market

Katana Logo
Katana 6 machine

Variable gap

KATANA hydraulic shears are made to provide high performance and accuracy based on simple and highly efficient operation. Full European design and top brand hydraulic and electrical components ensure the high stiffness and strength of the machine frame, combined with quick reaction drive systems and user-friendly controls. Hydraulic system consists of motor driven high pressure pump and valve group are located at the top of the machine for shortest connection lines to the hydraulic cylinders and oil free work area. Multi-work-step programing allows the automatic adjustment of the rear stop and the top ram, generating an automatic operation of the machine. Cut counting function and real-time display of process parameters are special features that optimize the machine functioning. Precision of the shear size and parallelism of cutting edge, besides additional equipment such as light alignment device, 4 cutting edge blades and front supports for the sheet, result in high quality cutting,


A Guillotine drive system insures that the upper blade crosses down in a straight line from directly above the work piece.  From the beginning of the cut all the way to the end of cut, the relationship of the upper blade to material never changes. Although more expensive it’s worth to invest in a second generation machine with much better result and able to handle much bigger varieties of jobs. No other design comes close to the precision provided by a guillotine drive.

Katana precise cut

Guillotine cutting shear vs swing beam shear

The type of hydraulic cutting machine you choose will be driven by your production needs. There are pros and cons for each type. The guillotine style provides much more precision for heavier materials, with less distortion in the result, and can handle a much bigger variation of materials, thicknesses with much higher quality finish of cut, making the guillotine shear a more logical choice for the universal use of big variation of products. The swing beam shear, which is much cheaper, has attributes that make it a better choice when working with very thin (less than 1 mm) materials especially combined with longer lengths.

The swing-beam shear has been around for many years and is a first generation design. It is the less expensive of the two because it’s design is much less evolved and has a two sides blade that pivots on a fixed bearing. The guillotine shear, the second and latest generation design, which tends to be more expensive, has a four sides moving blade that slides up and down between straight high precision grinded and hardened guides. The upper blade is moving perfectly parallel to the lower blade during the entire stroke.

The swing-beam shear has only the blade gap adjustable, whereas the guillotine shear has the ability to adjust the rake angle and the blade gap, resulting in much more precise parts with less twist, camber, or bow in the part and a much nicer cutted edge.


Maximum thickness cutting capacity


The hydraulic system was designed in Germany by Rexroth - Bosch. This system allows easy maintenance and a more reliable operation. Last, but not least, the entire hydraulic system beam shear conforms to CE standards.

CNC shear, high precision, streamlined design, three points rollers guide. They can be adjusted automatically by CNC system: stroke of the back gauge, shearing angle, shear stroke and blade gap.


Cutting line ilumination

    A powerful feature that allows operators to use a sharp and clean cutting guide with the use of light/shadow.

Stainless ball holder for preventing the plating from coming of the product. Higher Durability and Lower Frictional Resistance than other competitors products . HUGE cost reduction is realized.
Inside a planeveyor, 50 to 150 small balls cover around the large ball visible fromoutside. The rolling motion of the large ball caused by moving heavy objects is cyclically transmitted to these small balls inside, where the high-precision processing technology is fully utilized for accurate, smoother operation.


Main motor from Siemens


Electrical components from Schneider


Clamps - Piston Pressing System

Safety Equipment

- Front Finger Protection (Safety light curtain);

- Back Metal Safe Fence with CE Standards;

- Safety Relay with Monitor,  pedal switch and safety protection;

- South Korea Kacon Foot Switch (Level 4 of safety) ;


Safety Standards (2006/42/EC):

         1 - EN 12622:2009 + A1:2013

         2 - EN ISO 12100:2010

         3 - EN 60204 - 1:2006 + A1:2009

ELGO P40 – Controll System

·         Digital outputs (+24 V-PNP) possible

·         PID analog output available

·         Adjustable positioning output signals

·         Absolute or incremental positioning

·         Reference or datuming sequence possibility

·         Display option mm/Inch/°

·         Tolerance windows

·         Software limit

·         Blacklash compensation

·         Up to 1000 address lines programmable

·         Offset calculation

·         Pulse monitoring

·         Quantity counter   

·         Hand mode

·         Offset values

·         Free assignable input and output functions


    The single axis controller of P40 series is applicable to easy positioning tasks. An important feature is the easy structured function menu. It allows a quick and comfortable setting of the target value, if necessary a specific quantity of desired pieces, an angle or the gap


            Target and actual value of the axes plus quantity will be displayed on the front panel. The keyboard is simple and user-friendly. With the inputs the cutting angle or gap can be displayed and controlled.


            These encoder inputs work in an analog mode. A back stop can be programmed. The P40 series has an internal program memory with up to 1000 lines.


            For the positioning two different kinds of output signals are available: Switch mode positioning and PID-analog output. The P40 series can be alternatively supplied with 24VDC or 24VAC.


Rake cutting angle defines the shearing quality


·         Adjustable cutting angle will substantially increase the quality of the sheared parts;


·         Prolongs the lifetime of the knifes;


·         Decrease drastically wastage of material that has been twisted beyond recovery;


·         Allows tighter cutting tolerances and produces higher quality parts;


·         Decrease of twist, camber and bow on the cutoff piece;


·         Decrease unnecessary time to re-straighten finished parts;


·         Increase cycles per/minute due to shorter stroke;


·         Saves money and time.

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