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SOLID Series | High RIGID High Precision toolroom Lathes

SOLID PT-050-800

Choose swing over bed :

Specification SOLID PT-050-800

Main power 11 kW
width of bed 505 mm
Center height 400 mm
tailstock - max. travel of center quill 235 mm
tailstock - dia. of center quill 90 mm
Cross slide travel 420 mm
Swing over gap 1040 mm
distance between centers 2000 3000 mm
Machine dimensions(LxWxH) 3.7/4.7x1.3x1.6 m
spindle speed range 17-1100 rpm
spindle nose D1-8  
swing over bed 800 mm
swing over cross slide 570 mm
quill travel 235 mm
Machine weight 3300/3900 kg

Details SOLID PT-050-800

This is a general presentation for the entire Profiturn SOLID series. Models may have some minor differences.
conventional lathe solid series profimach structure
Main spindle
- Hardened and ground
- Running in an oil bath
- Running on 2 readjustable precision taper roller bearings
- Gerwheels smooth running, hardend and ground
Quality lathe chuck
- Precisely
- Higher speed is possible
- High concentricity and repeatability
- Adjustable by ±15 mm
- Tailstock spindle sleeve and handwheel with
adjustable precision scaling of 0.025 mm
Fast acting feed gear
- Closed structure
- Hardened and ground
toothed wheels and shafts
- Running in an oil bath
on precision bearings
A heavy ribbed machine bed and a massive one-piece cast-iron frame profide the solid basis for this machine
Wide, hardened and ground guideways ensure superior turning results and long life
The bed, made of high quality Meehanite cast iron, provides toughness and vibration strength. Its design authorizes chips fast removal. It is equipped with a bridge of which dismounting allows increase machining diameter.

The headstock is made of high quality cast iron, heavily ribbed, is designed to absorb vibration even in hardest machining cycles.
The rigid, large main spindle runs in high-precision adjustable taper roller bearings. The gearbox offers a wide range of cutting speed plenty of torque allowing machining of various materials. It is designed to have a smooth running with low vibrations and with a closed shape.
conventional lathe solid series profimach structure bed
conventional lathe solid series profimach The headstock The slides are of an extremely rigid construction and the backlashes are adjusted by means of tapered keys. The slides are endowed with rubber wipers avoiding the guideways gripping. The carriage, fixed on the longitudinal slide, provides automatic feeds, rapid feeds and working feeds, as well as, manual feeds in two directions(longitudinal and cross).
The cross slide runs in a dove-tail guideway. Adjustment via pressure plate. Feed automatic or with handwheel. Both the longitudinal and cross slides can be clamped. The upper slide with dove-tail guideway can be pivoted 360°. A feed lever with safety lock prevents longitudinal and axial feed switch-through.  conventional lathe solid series profimach
 conventional lathe solid series profimach The cross slide The tailstock, made of top quality, has a rigid construction, vibration absorbing and can easily travel along the bed guideways. A lead screw, driven by hand wheel, allows axial movement of the quill on a 120 mm maximum travel. It can be set eccentrically with max. ±13 mm for cutting.
A centralized lubrication installation provides the gear box and feedbox lubrication.The carriage and the slides are lubricated from a pump fixed inside the carriage. conventional lathe solid series profimach The tailstock
 conventional lathe solid series profimach A centralized lubrication installation Use the four-position apron stop for disengaging the apron automatically at up to four different apron locations. You can tighten the eccentrics in place on the rod, each at different rotated positions, so each eccentric corresponds with a number on the dial.
The steady rest serves as a support for long shafts (length to diameter ratio of 3:1 or greater). The steady rest can be placed anywhere along the length of the workpiece. conventional lathe solid series profimach
 conventional lathe solid series profimach steady rest INCREASE THE PRODUCTIVITY,

The latest CSS+CVS Digital Readout System gives you productivity gains up to 25% on PROFITURN lathes over conventional engine lathes.
Only PROFITURN Toolroom Lathes gives you features that will let you achieve cutting performance similar to a CNC lathe. CSS + CSV automatically controls spindle speed during machining, allowing high performance tooling and very high cutting speeds during finishing operations.

- Extended tool life do to optimum cutting speeds
- 25% productivity increase
- Gain full use of high performance cutting tools
- Better surface finish
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