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Profimach® - Built for Europe

Affordable Quality Metal Working Machines

Profimach® is dedicated to excellence in machine tools.

Exceeding our customers' expectations with quality machine tools and world class service is our primary mission. Our second target is to provide the very best price/quality rate in the market. By eliminating all intermediate steps between us and the customers and the producing factories, we can offer our machines at an astonishing and strongly competitive price/quality rate. Successful fulfilling these expectations has enabled Profimach® to be grow fast and become one of the best machine tool company in the industry.
Today, profimach® delivers directly to all worldwide customers our full line of European designed metal working machines. We gain constantly new clients from all over the world. Our client portfolio brings together big and leading manufactures from various industries: aeronautics, electronics, technology, automotive, naval manufacturing, Energy and many others.
All our machines are built under OEM license (Original Equipment Manufacturer), under CE norms (regulated by EU) and following the international standard for Quality Management Systems (ISO). Profimach® uses only top-quality providers for all electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and software components.
Every profimach® product is supported by our TWO Year professional guarantee with full back up from our Service Center. Our staff of highly qualified technicians is always available to solve problems across the world.

We are looking forward serving you too.

Profimach Team

Profimach® Main Product Categories of Machines

Quality Machines at affordable prices!

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High Quality Affordable Deep hole drilling and working Machines 

Laser& Spot Welding +Robot


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PROFISPOT®-PROFIBOT® Affordable Resistance Welding Machines and Welding Robots


Deburr Finish

For all Presses - press automation -

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PROFIMACH ® is the result of over 30 years experience in the machine tools field and close collaboration with our end-user to continuously improve our products.

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