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CNC oil country lathe - CNC Thread cutting Lathe - CNC Pipe Threading Lathe

Spindle bore diameter: 130/200/240/270/330/360/390/440/470/510/640mm

CNC oil country lathe is mainly developed for the pipe thread turning in the oilfield and is suitable for turning of various pipe threads. CNC oil country lathe is also known as double chuck lathe, hollow spindle lathe, big bore lathe, large bore lathe and pipe threading lathe.

The most visible feature of CNC oil country lathe is installed one front chuck and another rear chuck. And the spindle bore is much bigger than ordinary CNC lathe. So it is widely used to machine all kinds of extremely long workpieces, such as oil tubes API 5CT, oil casings API 5CT, drill pipes API 5DP, drill collars, couplings, nipples, as well as ordinary shafts, cylinders, disk and so on.