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The Robotturn® Challenge: Affordable unmanned cnc turning

A revolutionary and affordable total solution for the integrated loading and unloading of your CNC turning parts.
Your market in the metalworking industry has changed significantly in recent years.
Your customers are more demanding than even before.
They expect you to supply at cheaper prices, but they also demand smaller series and faster delivery times. At the same time, you must deal with rising labour costs, more competitors and a lack of CNC operators.  To counter this difficult market evolution, Robotturn® offers you highly affordable self loading unmanned automatic Turning cells .

Presses - Press Automation - Complete press-line solutions - Coil Processing Equipment - Coil handling equipment


We offer a wide variety of affordable coil handling, feeding, and cut to length equipment to uncoil, straighten, feed, and shear metal coiled material. Our coil processing equipment solutions include: air feeds, servo roll feeds, stock straighteners, single and double end coil reels, coil cars, coil cradles, pallet decoilers, complete coil lines, space saver coil lines, and cut to length lines.
Whether you need a simple low-cost die/press mounted air feed or a complete coil handling and feeding line our Application Engineers can provide personal assistance to help you select and implement the best equipment for the job.

FIBERSAW® for Tube : Fastest Round Tube and pipe sawing machine in the world! Lowest cost per cut available on the market. With optional de-dust function. No tooling cost

Plasma Oxy cutting : Don't hesitate and discover the large selection of oxy - Plasma cutting machines packed full of options and strongly affordable

Fiber Laser Cutting :Our budget-oriented high quality machine replaces conventional manufacturing techniques and offers the ideal entry into tube and sheet processing.

Portable Plasma cutting : Don't hesitate and discover the large selection of portable oxy - Plasma cutting machines packed full of options and strongly affordable

Fiber laser Welding : Lasermach WOBBLE: Handheld fiber laser welding machine, Hand Welding only with light, No wire cost

Laser SEAM Tracking : Track any seam by intelligent laser, Always correct welded seams!. , ZERO Mistakes, Robot follows seam visual

High performance pressure welding machines and Welding Robots made affordable

PROFISPOT®: Affordable High Quality Pressure welding machines

PROFIBOT®: Affordable High Quality Robotised Welding Cells

PROFISPOT® welding machines and PROFIBOT® welding robots are to be found in all fields of resistance welding, mostly where enormous levels of productivity are applied in the fabrication of high quality components. Constantly tried & tested, high-performing spot, projection and roller seam welding machines and Carthesian CNC welding Robots and robotised welding Cells are the result of decades of ongoing progressive R & D. Our pressure welding machines are deliberately robust and long-lasting, day after day fulfilling the demands of modern metalworking industry.

NOVICK® the fastest growing EDM machine producer.

Affordable Quality EDM Machines

Excellent quality products with reasonable prices have been increasingly welcomed by worldwide buyers. In recent years, NOVICK has made breakthroughs in technology and machine quality. Rigorous quality control is thoroughly conducted throughout the entire manufacturing processes from warehousing, machining, assembling to quality control. In addition, utmost attention has been paid to every detail at each step during the manufacturing process. NOVICK EDMs have been sold to over 40 countries in the world, and exports to developed countries such as Europe and America are also increasing gradually. With an aim to present excellence, we constantly conduct problem analysis in detail, conclusion and arrangement and execution adjustment.

Affordable high tech Swiss type complex turning cells

SwissTek CNC offers an extensive family of turning machine solutions, specific Swiss-type CNC lathes or Sliding Headstock Type lathes, with or without Removable Guide Bushing (for shorter parts) that can handle diameters ranging from 0,2mm – 26mm (soon 32) at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

The impressive machining versatility of the SwissTek Series helps to improve productivity, whilst the compact footprint and low energy consumption make these machines easy to accommodate and cost-effective to run.  With a flexible set-up for turning and milling and a removable guide bush for shorter parts (shorter bar remnant = more parts per bar), the Robotturn SwissTek series is ideal for producing parts accurately and efficiently.

All SwisTek Series machines come fully loaded with a high end control, revolving guide bushing, removable guide bushing for short parts, part catcher, part conveyor, chip conveyor and full hydrostatic bar feeder.


Balancing Machines

JP Balance Europe offers the complete line of JB static and dynamic balancing machines, including universal horizontal machines, single or two plane vertical machines with tooling and integral correction devices, and custom designed machines for any application.

Biggest Range of quality but affordable Deburring and finishing machines

Pro Steel® Series

The fastest solution in deburring, deslagging, finishing, grinding and edge rounding
Easy to operate, short set up times
Flexible in finish, roughness and rounding
Lowest price per product guaranteed
Added product value by high and constant finish quality
Affordable Quality Machines

Novidrill spark erosion drilling machines - Affordable quality EDM drilling Machine

Our EDM Rapid hole drilling machine uses low cost electrode tube (normally brass or copper material) to drill holes on a electrically conductive material at a very high speed, the hole depth diameter ratio can reach up to 300.
The hole diameter is normally from 0.3mm (0.10mm opt) to 3.0mm (6.0 mm opt) and the machine can even drill holes on a inclined surface workpiece. 
High-speed EDM hole drilling was designed especially for fast, accurate small- and deep-hole drilling applications.
Small holes that were once almost impossible to drill by conventional machine tools are now being performed with ease.
With the capability of drilling through virtually any conductive material, the use of this technology is continually expanding.
Considered a last resort for drilling holes, Fast Hole EDM Drilling (Electrical Discharge Machining) is quickly becoming the standard method for producing small, tight tolerance holes.
It is an extremely cost effective method for producing fast and accurate holes into all sorts of whether hard or soft conductive materials.

Gear cutting machines

Gearmach offers a wide selection of affordable high quality gear cutting machines. We are constantly developing our machines and, in the process, place great importance on high energy efficiency. From the automotive industry to wind turbine manufacturers, customers around the world trust in our machines.

Profimach® Deep Holes Drilling Machines

High quality affordable deep hole machines

Deep hole machining - Deep hole cutting solutions Gundrilling machines - Deep hole drilling machines - BTA drilling machines - SRB Machines - Micro drilling machine - Mold drilling machine - Table type drilling machine
Our deep hole drilling, BTA and gundrilling machines are offered with twofull-year limited warranty.
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