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Profidrill PDL-600-2D

Affordable and extremely space efficient beam processing solution

Profidrill PDL-2D

The Profidrill PDL-2D Beam Drill Line is an extremely space efficient beam processing solution as it only requires a floor space of 14m x 2,7m for drilling beams and structural elements of 600mm x 600mm x 12m, Like this making it ideal for even the smallest fabricator or fabricators with space limitations. Differnt lenghts are available on demans! We also have many  installations that are outside, freeing up even more space for the fabricator.

The Profidrill PDL-2D not only lays out and drills all your holes in any steel profile in a fraction of the time it takes you to do it manually with a magnetic drill, but it also lays out the marks for all your welded attachments, virtually eliminating the need for a tape measure.

The Profidrill PDL-2D is the most affordable CNC drill line on the market today and ensures that the fabricators is the low cost producer, allowing him to win more work and to make more margin.

Not only will the Profidrill PDL-2D process beams and columns, but it also easily process all steel profiles including channel, angle, flat bar, base plates, RHS, square and round profiles.