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Heatsink Skiving Machines

Heat sink Fin Skiving Machine

Skived Fin heat sinks are the best alternative to extruded heat sinks when looking for a fin density which can’t be achieved by extrusion technology. Skived heat sinks can be manufactured from either copper or aluminum.  Today, skived heatsinks are breaking through the limitation of the thickness and length ratio of conventional heat sinks and our machines can produce high density and very high efficient heat sinks.  Super high and extreme thin fins and extra-long heat sink structure can be produced by our dedicated skiving machines using high skiving precision cutting technology.  Fin Skiving machines use a single block of material such as copper or aluminum and cut out fins with high density. The fins and the base is “one piece”. So skived fin heat sink efficiency is till two times higher than traditional heat sink.  Thermal conductivity efficiency can reach 100% of the profile material.  

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Skiving and burnishing machines (SBR Machines)

Cylinder Processing Machines Cylinder Processing Machine for drilling out, skiving and roller burnishing of 40-400 mm in a diameter with an operating depth of max. 12000 mm

Cylinder Processing Machines are inserted today primarily in the hydraulic manufacturing, as well as in spraying mechanical engineering. Likewise, the possibility exists to use the machines with appropriate equipment also for the chamberboring of inner contours. Beyond that, the skiving and roller burnishing (tumble) used here, gains even in general mechanical engineering more and more significance. For example, construction units with high surface quality which require at the same time a high standard of firmness by solidification of the workpiece surface. Cylinder Processing Machines can be used beside the usual drilling out skiving and roller burnishing operations also for full boring, depending on installed achievement and equipment. Here, fast re-equipping particularly becomes effective by a sensible building block principle, so that secondary times are reduced to a minimum. For drilling and/or peeling and smooth rolling mill tool, all commercial tools can be used.

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