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Rubber roller grinding Machine

PGCRR - Cylindrical rubber roll grinding machines

PGCRR series Factory Automatic Cylindrical Roll Grinder is specially designed and manufactured to replace the past roller processing method by metallic manufacturing equipment. A grinding head mounted on a standard lathe was in the past "the" method to manufacture rubber roller, which results in the fact that the quality of roller has big  difficulty to reach the requirement of the present standard.

The main reason lies in the structure of lathe. After all, it is not the Grinding Machine; the moving spaces or backlash of the big and medium carriage table are much larger than that of grinding machine. Therefore, vibration may be produced during the grinding process, which will generate ripple at the surface of processing rollers. Further, due to the width limit of the guide-rail of a lathe, the way of mounting of the grinding head on a lathe can hardly ensure the stability while in operation.


PGCRR - Series of Rubber Roll Grinders

LIGHT SCALE PGCRR-4020-CNC 400mm 2000mm 4m*1.6m*1.4m 17KW  
STANDARD PGCRR-8040-CNC 800mm 4000mm 6.5m*1.8m*1.6m 22KW  
HEAVY DUTY PGCRR-1260-CNC 1200mm 6000mm 8.0m*2.0m*1.8m 26KW  
LARGE SCALE PGCRR-1680-CNC 1600mm 8000mm 11m*2.4m*1.8m 32KW