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High Efficient automatic Belt Grinder for Trimming Edges generated by seam welding in Kitchen Sink

PROFIMACH PG-Sink-NC : NC Sink Seam Grinding Machine

Sink top seam grinding machine with servo drive

It takes less than 60 seconds to grind one welded Sink seam.

Stainless steel sinks,which combine surfaces with bowls by welding machines, must be grinded for cleaning up the welded seams.

Our Sink top seam grinding machine is designed to grind seams between the surface and the bowls, which are welded together.  The sink top grinding machine,which is equipped with a rotatable clamp, does fix the sink firmly in the rotary clamping support and grind the seam according to its shape. To grind one bowl only takes less than 1 minute. The workbench will fix all sinks tightly and rotate them with controlled speed while the grinding arm grinds the welded seams.

Comparing with manually grinding machines, this machine could assure every spot of the welded seam will be grinded with the same pressure and speed.  Sinks grinded by the machine will be smoothly and brightly without any scratching. This Sink top welding seam grinding machine is very popular among sink manufactures.

It takes less than 60 seconds to grind one bowl.

The automatic servo sink welded seam grinding machine is specially designed for a variety of shapes, such as circular, rectangular with circular angle, oval-shaped with round-arc angle.

This Grinding equipment with NC/ PLC control and servomotor driven high-speed abrasive band/belt grinds the edge of the workpiece with the welded seam directly and with care. At the same time the workpiece automatically rotates and follows the profile model on the bottom of the sink support, and  moves according to the polish location to achieve the polishing.

This machine (PROFIMACH PG-SINK-NC) is mainly used for automatic circumferential welding seam grinding of the roll circumference.  Standard Workpiece length 400-2000mm, Standard width: 200-600mm. Bigger dimension possible on demand!

Technical Parameters

  • The range of the processed workpiece:(L*W) - 2000mm*600mm
  • The dimension of the machine: (l*w*h) 2980mm*1250mm*2150mm)
  • The input power: 3.5KW - Powersupply:380V/50/60Hz
  • The speed of the abrasive band: 9m/s
  • The speed of the workpiece: 0.7-3.6m/s
  • Servo motor for sink rotation: 1 kW
  • Grinding motor: 0.75kW