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Profimach® PGT-CBPG Series

Carbide Blanks production redefined! Expand your expectations with revolutionary and affordable innovation.

Carbide blanks pre-grinding:

Saving money and time and boost your other grinding production.

Profimach® PGT-CBPG Series. This new range of premium Carbide Blank Profile Grinder sets standards in his category. Its values are simplicity, modernity, innovation and robustness allied with a never seen price/performance ratio.

The perfect harmonization of both machining performances and stability is the fruit of innovation efforts based on the long experience of our engineers. The result is reliable high precision production equipment with an irreproachable operation in any situation.

The generous standard equipment underlines the versatility of this concept of the latest generation.

Today this new machine opens the horizon to new performances and quality levels within your daily production of Carbide Blanks at an affordable price.

Save Time, Cut Costs and Increase Productivity:

Economical and affordable Carbide Blanks & Carbide Preforms grinding Machine

Our preform pregrinding expertise allows for major portions of carbide to be removed before it enters your expensive toolgrinder. Compared to the "all in one job done" strategy by doing all the job on your expensive grinder, hard state, drilling of coolant holes, prefluting, and grinding different diameters happens in a fraction of the cost you have now. We leave a minimal amount of grind stock which saves you grinding wheel life, and increases machine capacity. All of these features save you money. Blanks Pre-grinding include:

  • Flats
  • Chamfers
  • Keyways
  • PCD Pockets
  • Preformed sharpening angles
  • Straight Flutes
  • Spiral Flutes
  • Coolant holes (in any location)
  • Stepped Diameters
  • Centers (male or female)

Carbide blank pre-grinding

Rough grinding - Finish grinding

Body design of our Pre-Grinder

Optimized to perfection

High precision Carbide Blank Profile Pre-Grinder with patented grinding head.

Save huge money by pre-grinding your carbide blanks

The machine design, optimized by means of state of the art simulation and analysis tools provide solidity throughout the machining center. The generously sized cast iron construction also stands out due to its excellent vibration absorption properties with high stability and rigidity, even under full load and in continuous operation. The result is a stable grinding behavior which ensures a lasting quality of a high accuracy production process.

The one-piece bed and box type castings are rigid, heavily ribbed, Meehanite.  These castings remain stable even under the heaviest cutting conditions. Fine grained Meehanite cast iron is used for its excellent vibration absorbing characteristics. The table is fully supported by the saddle in all positions and there is no table overhang. All guideways are wide placed high precision type for unsurpassed long-term rigidity and accuracy. All guideways are fully protected from chips and damage.

Strong spindle head

The widely supported and strongly constructed spindle head enables a high-powered and super precision Grinding operations. A closed internal coolant circuit stabilizes and controls temperature drifts of the spindle head. Hand scraped contact surfaces guarantee a lifetime of precision.

Sturdy belt spindle

The utmost accurate spindle design goes beyond expectations of standard quality to achieve the highest precision and efficiency. The design permits best balance and vibration free grinding performance at full speed. Due to the specific patented spindle design with incorporated grinding stone we can guarantee the highest precision of all machines in the market. Grinding stones are balanced grinded before start with the spindle grinding stone. No eccentric unbalance!!

Perfect linear motions

Pre-stressed and double anchored ballscrews ensure the perfect linear motions - an important prerequisite for high workpiece precision. High Torque Servo motors are directly coupled to the precision ball-screws avoiding any form of backlash in the axis drive train.

Hardened and precise grinded guides with high rigidity and high load capacity ensure the smoothness in all displacements. Higher machining efficiency is generated through coexistent superior geometrical accuracy and surface quality of the machined work-pieces. The high rigidity makes for better vibration behavior with diminished vibration amplitudes and thus extends tool lives. A central oil lubrication system ensures their highest durability.

High-precision integrated Compact Touch Probe (opt)

Our Touch probe is the perfect solution for the reference start of any part. Achieving μm repeatability with automatic support system.

User-Friendly & Ergonomic guarding design

The design of the guards allows for optimum viewing of the part being machined. Totally enclosed guarding includes roof top/side to keep all the chips, water and noise inside the machine and to have clean, quiet and comfortable environment also around the machine.  The machine has been carefully designed to provide a reduction of overall floor space dimensions.

Today this new machine opens the horizon to new performances and quality levels within your daily production of Carbide Blanks at an affordable price.

Super high quality Swiss collets guarantee your precision

Max. X travel mm 300
Max. Z travel mm 300
Max. Clamping W20, W25, B32 collet
Max. Moving speed X-Z m/min 6
Min. feeding unit mm 0.001
Spindle motor power kW 5,5
Max. Speed of spindle rpm 0-3440
Wheel OD size mm Ø100, Ø125, Ø150, Ø 200
Wheel ID Size mm Ø20, Ø25.4, Ø31.75
Dimension mm 2100 x 2380 x 1950
Weight kg 2680

Optional Parts measuring probe