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CNC Roll Notching Machine or CNC Rib cutting Machine

The ultimate machine to cut all notches.

Specific Rib cutting Lathe - Notching Lathe - Cresent Notching Lathe

The CNC Rib cutting Machine is used to create Rebar Notches for various sizes of Rebar ranging from 6mm to 50mm. The 4 axes machine is known for its ease of operations, and uses the mechanical process to cut into the rolls. Different types of cutting tools are used to achieve the same.

With almost every large steel brand depending on good rib cutting machines for branding their rebars, the affordable solutions we offer, have already a deep penetration in the market and a reliable reputation for its performance.

Machine Tools Features

  • 4 axes CNC machine
  • 3 axes simultaneous movement of CNC control system
  • Cutting operation is done using mechanical process
  • Vertical type Fly Cutter spindle is used to cut notches
  • Suitable for cutting on all Grades of Casting Rolls and Tungsten Carbide Roll Rings


  • Machining any angle of the rib by only inputting the angle needed to be cut
  • Even shape of Ribs throughout the pass for improved bonding strength
  • All Ribs have same depth with automation means less dependancy on operator skills
  • Space between Ribs uniform throughout the pass
  • No need of continuous man power for operation
  • Skipping ,Omitting ,Enlarging of ribs possible