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Cylindrical Grinders - Manual, Semi-Auto, CNC

If you're looking to shape the outside of an object, cylindrical grinders are your target machine. The Profimach cylindrical grinder is a high rigidity design for grinding small, medium and large size workpieces in single and lot size production. The hydrostatic guides and hydrostatic spindle form the basis for high precision cylindrical grinder series. They can be fitted with automation and is especially suitable for use in job shops and production manufacturing. We Offer innovative design, high rigidity, high accuracy, high efficiency, and guaranteed quality.

PGC - Universal OD cylindrical grinder

Manual & Semi-Auto Cylindrical Grinders

A manual cylindrical grinder is designed to shape the outside of an object with a central axis of rotation such as a cylinder, ellipse, cam or crankshaft. The grinders in this category are controlled through manual or semi-automatic systems. The PGCR Series manual cylindrical grinders are the largest of our grinders designed for large rolls and shaft type work. These industrial machines are used for the steel, paper, aviation, automotive, and military applications. 

PGC Series | OD Cylindrical grinder

PGC-CNC - Universal OD cylindrical grinder