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Profidrill PDL-3D-PRO Drilling Machines provide high quality solutions in manufacturing of steel construction, bridge construction, shipyards and various fields of construction sector.

Profidrill series have the drilling capacity of H, I, and U profiles or angles with 10-35 mm standard diameters or more.

The 3x3-spindle model is the ideal choice for maximum time savings on your drill line. With this model, in dimensions of 300/400/700/1000/1600/2200mm, holes can be drilled in 3 directions. , while the material remains idle, which means: you can make drills without any drive of the profile. There are also 3 tool-changing systems with a linear super-fast tool changer for each spindle. These benefits (and many more) translate into huge time savings and increased flexibility.
PDL-3D automatic drilling lines are used for the drilling process of the IPE, HEA, HEB, UNP, U-Channel, Steel Angles, Square or Rectangular Tubes. They have been developed with the purpose of increasing the production accuracy and efficiency of steel bars and profiles, which have been in continuous demand by the big steel construction companies.
The PDL-3D drilling line brings the needed automation in processing various shape bars by eliminating the preparatory work, positioning uncertainty thus significantly increasing the productivity and reducing the process time.

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Profidrill PD-2D-PRO Series: CNC Plate drilling machine

Profidrill PD-2D-PRO Series

Affordable CNC high speed plate drilling machine

CNC Plate Drilling Machines are mainly used in the fields of Steel Structure, Bridge, Electric-communication Tower, Heat Power Station, and Boiler etc, for the drilling process of connecting plate, foundation plate, terminal plate, template, flange plate, structural component etc with high precision, high efficiency, high rigidity, and high reliability. The precision of drilled work pieces meet the European standard.

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