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PFR-LHE series

Full Electric Horizontal CNC precision splines roll forming machines

Electromechanical CNC Spline Rollers

Counter flow rolling machine

PFR-LHE series

Full Electric Horizontal CNC precision splines roll forming machines


Spline Rolling Machine is using Rack die/cutter instead of Cylinder thread rolling die; many different types of splines, serrations, oil grooves, worm gears, screws, knurls, threads and similar forms can be rolled in individually or in combination in just 3 to 7 seconds. 

The Spilne Rolling Machine is inherently accurate, with surface finishes of Ra: 0.05µm to 0.15µm obtainable. Spline Rolling is best suited for long production runs or intermittent runs of a variety of parts. It's the fastest and most economical method of producing involute toothed forms.

Chipless coldforming of involute splines (straight or helical), spiral serrations, oil grooves, and threads

Coldforming – and how it works

The chipless coldforming of profiles such as involute splines (straight or helical), spiral serrations, oil grooves, and threads only takes seconds with the Profimach coldforming process and is significantly faster than cutting processes. In addition, coldformed workpieces have a higher load capacity and a better surface finish and accuracy. Involute splines and other profiles can be produced very quickly and precisely with this process. The high precision coldforming racks roll and press the required profile into the workpiece during the coldforming process. The material is displaced and flows into the free spaces of the racks. The workpiece is pressed twice during one rotation, i. e. forming takes place in a series of steps. The height of the ground profile in the forming rack increases progressively into the forming area. This causes each rack tooth to press slightly deeper into the material than its predecessor. After reaching the full profile depth, the form gets optimized in geometry and surface finish in the calibration zone

PFR-LHE series - Full Electric Horizontal CNC precision splines roll forming machines

Full electric high precision cnc spline rolling center

PFR-LHE Series 800-LHEW 1000-LHEW
Max module mm 1.3 1.4
Max out diameter mm ⌀40 ⌀50
Max tool width mm 80 100
Max work piece length mm 1000 1000
Max installing tool width mm 300 300
The open part diameter mm 139.7 139.7
Tool size mm 20/32/38 20/32/38
Max travel mm 800 1160
Weight kg 10000 13000
Lenght x Width mm 3500x3280 4300x3280
Drive way CNC CNC
H = Horizontal      
E = Full Electric      
W = Wide Die      

Profimach's spline rolling machines covers the full range of vertical, horizontal, hydraulic drive, servo drive multi-variety spline rolling machines, and has many years of manufacturing and service experience.

Horizontal machines are all "wide mold " machines

Mold Clamping Module

Combined functions of mold clamping module

The accurate mold clamping module makes the mold replacement easy and fast, without the need for tooth alignment.

Variety of combined functions of mold clamping module possible: all horizontal machines are "WIDE MOLD" Machines, which give multi-combined tooling posibilities. You can Roll different surfaces in one time passing



Orientation function of spline rolling

Oriented spline rolling function - incomplete teeth spline rolling function

It has the special function that the workpiece needs to be oriented or has incomplete teeth.

Unique forming principle and precise positioning mechanism can process the spline to the nearest of the shoulder, no need to retract the tool

High benefits of Thread and form rolling process are:

✓ Lower costs
✓ Increased production
✓ Faster lead times
✓ Superior quality and accuracy:
 ○ Stronger threads
 ○ Improved finish
 ○ More accurate profile

Our spline rolling machine can easily replace all following models: FIMAT Hydraulic Spline Rollers – RH800, RH1150 & RH1350, Electromechanical NC Spline Rollers – RM800, RM1150 & RM1350, Roto-FLo Ex-Cell-O Spline Rollers, EX-CELL-O ROTO-FLO 3251S, ANDERSON COOK MARAND 330, ANDERSON COOK MARAND 350S, ESCOFIER INCREMEX 300, EX-CELL-O 3251S, EX-CELL-O ROTO-FLO 3225, EX-CELL-O ROTO-FLO 3251S, EX-CELL-O ROTO-FLO XK-225, GROB ZRM 12 NC-DR-A890, MICHIGAN ROTOFLOW 3237, NACHI PFM 915 FSAL, ROTO-FLO 3251, Cold Rolling Machine - EX-CELL-O - ROTOFLO XK337, Spline roller - Cold rolling, EX CELL O XK 275 CNC, EX CELL O XK251, Ex cell O roto flo XK 225 rolling machine,  EX CELL O - XK851 CNC,  EX CELL O - XK851 CNC,  EX CELL O - XK851 CNC, Machine à rouler les cannelures - FIMAT RL 1350, Rouleuse de cannelures - ESCOFIER INC 300, EX-CELL-O COLD SPLINE ROLLING MACHINE XK 351 OR ROTO FLO 3251, profiroll, profiroll pr400hp, profiroll pr, profiroll pr15hp, ekin, mag series, mag XK 225, mag XK 237, mag XK 251, mag XK 275, mag XK 637, mag XK 651, mag XK 675, mag XK 837, mag XK 851,mag  XK 875, ROTO-FLO machines, ROTO-FLO XK225, ROTO-FLO XK237, ROTO-FLO XK251, ROTO-FLO  XK275, OSG EX-CELL-O, osg-mag.