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Profimach Privacy Policy

Profimach pays particular attention to the privacy of internet users. We think that it is important for you to know how we treat your data from the internet. Normally you can visit our Profimach website via World Wide Web without identifying any information about you or your computer. Our servers are registering domain names, not personal information such as e-mail adress, from the visitors. We need this information to have an insight about website traffic: total number of visitors, average time of visit, pages accesed, etc.. Profimach uses this information to measure the traffic and also to improve the content for a better visit experience.

There are situations when it is possible to ask your name and adress, but in these cases we will try to tell you how we will use it. Commonly, your personal information we collect is used only for corespondence with you, for processing orders or permit you to access specific account information. Sometimes, we can provide your e-mail addresses to our distributors whose products or services could interest you. In these situations, you’ll have the opportunity to limit access to your account information.

If you are registering on our sites, it is possible to use your information to offer you custom information according to your needs. The „cookie” technology it is used to offer you personalised information. A cookie is a small data package that a website can send to your internet browser, which will be stored in your hard disk, and at the next visit on our site, you will be recognised. You are free to set up your browser to not accept cookies or to warn you when you recive a cookie.

From time to time, we perform online studies to understand better the needs of our website visitors. In this case we will try to tell you how we will use the information.

Profimach’s web site contain links to other sites such as Profimach dealers and sales affiliates. We try to have parteners with same privacy standards, but we cannot guarantee for all other sites that have links on our.

Cookie Policy

Our website use cookies. A cookie is a small package of text files that are stored by the web browser on your internet surfing device. The websites can read or write these files and allow the customisation of users details or preferences. A cookie is like a memory for the website that offer the possibility to recognise and act accordingly. For detailed information about cookies please take a look at

Site Performance Cookies

There are also cookies that are generated for a better site performance. These cookies are used to offer you a nice and smooth website visit.

Third Party Cookies

The Profimach websites use elements from multiple sources, one of them it is Google. In this case, you should know that we have no control about these cookies from Google or others. For more information please visit Google Cookie Policy website.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a service from Google Inc, for web traffic analise. Google Analytics uses cookies for countig the visitors and details about browswer usage. Details about rejecting or deleting these cokies you can find here:

Google Maps

Some of our sites use Google Maps, a service from Google Inc, for providing maps and guidance. More details about rejecting or deleting these cookies you can find here:
You can block cookies anytime by activating the settings on your browser which allow you to refuse all or some cookies. You must be aware that if you choose to block all the cookies, it is possible to not have acces to all the web pages and information from our site.

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