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Profimach PGSRV-Series Vertical Rotary Table Surface Grinding Machines

Heavy duty with horizontal segment grinding Stone

Vertical Rotary table Surface Grinders

High Efficient Vertical Rotary Table Surface Grinding Machines

Vertical Rotary Grinders provide high efficiency compared to conventional surface grinders due to the significant amount of grinding wheel in contact with the surface area of the workpiece. Their extremely rugged construction and high grinding power allow heavy and rapid stock removal for large castings and plates.

Vertical Grinding Benefits

The main benefit of vertical rotary grinding is heavy stock removal rates for all magnetic and non-magnetic materials. When a substantial amount of material has to be removed quickly and efficiently, vertical rotary grinding is more cost-effective than other methods because of the significantly greater power used (200 kW).

The same Vertical Rotary Grinder is an economical method for finish sizing large steel plates, metal fabrications, and castings - ahead of surface grinding and CNC milling for large plate finishing. Vertical rotary grinding multiple small parts in batches results in consistent thickness and surface finish, eliminating mismatches.

Optional full enclosure and dust/mist collection systems eliminate grinding mist which contributes to a cleaner work environment.

Machining Applications

Large diameter and short length workpieces are ideal for vertical rotary grinding making automotive parts an ideal application of these tools. Another application includes machine tool spindle housing creation.

Profimach PGSRV-Series Vertical Rotary Grinding Machines

Profimach PGSRV-Series Vertical Rotary Grinders are completely electric with no hydraulics. The PGSRV models are all standard with auto down feed, and the worktable can be traversed longitudinally for easy loading and unloading. Vertical movement of the wheelhead can be operated either by hand or by power. The used coolant system is a cyclonic filtration unit and the spindle has a chiller unit to keep the grinding spindle a consist temperature. The automatic lubrication on this machine will keep the ways lubricated and will shut-down if the way-lube gets low

PGSRV-Series Vertical Rotary Surface Grinder

Specifications PGSRV-750 PGSRV-800 PGSRV-1000 PGSRV-1250 PGSRV-1600 PGSRV-1800 PGSRV-2000 PGVR-2250
Table Magnetic Chuck Size 750mm 800mm 1000mm 1250mm 1600mm 1800mm 2000 mm 2250mm
Rotary Speed 16/24RPM 5~22 rpm 6/12/24rpm 16/24rpm 5~18rpm 5~18rpm 3~15rpm 3~15rpm
Table Movement 450mm 450mm 530mm 580mm 580mm 650mm 650mm 650mm
Main Dimensions                
Max. Workpiece Height 300mm 320mm 300mm 400mm 400mm 1000mm 1600mm 1600mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 600kg 600kg 800kg 1300kg 1600kg 2100kg 600kg 3400kg
Wheel Size 450mm 450mm 150X80X25mm 150X80X25mm 150X35X90mm 150X35X90mm 150X35X90mm 150X35X90mm
Motor Power 25 kw 30 kw 30 kw 55 kw 75 kw 100 hp 100hp 100hp
Wheel Max. Speed 1200RPM 1,000rpm 750rpm 750rpm 590rpm 590rpm 590rpm 590rpm
Min. Increment On Downfeed Handwheel 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
MAx. Auto Downfeed Amount 2.2mm 2.2mm 2.2mm 2.2mm 2.2mm 2.2mm 2.2mm 2.2mm

Rotary Surface Grinding - Blanchard Type Grinding

A Blanchard type grinder is a surface grinder with a vertical spindle and a magnetic rotating table that holds the part (ferrous) in place. (Nonferrous parts are affixed to the grinder with specialized tooling, generally designed and engineered for the subject part.) Once in the machine, the grinding wheel comes down and processes the entire part surface simultaneously, removing stock from one side of the part.  Industry-wide, Blanchard type grinding is often referred to as rotary surface grinding.

Limitless Possibilities

While other surface grinders are limited by the size of the part they can handle, Blanchard type grinders welcome large parts, easily managing anything from 250mm  to 2500mm. Typical parts processed on a Blanchard type include:

  • Plate stock
  • Rotary tables
  • Large castings and forgings
  • Large stampings
  • Molds and dies

Known for their versatility, a single Blanchard type surface grinder can handle a number of different part sizes. Blanchard type grinders easily adapt to automation, including robots, gantries, hoppers and feeders and infeed conveyors.  Blanchards are ideally suited to gaging systems, which can be installed as part of a grinder remanufacture or upgrade.