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PGCV-1200-CNC Series Vertical Cylindrical grinder

OD grinding - ID grinding - Front grinding

PGCV-CNC Series Vertical CNC Cylindrical grinder

The model PGCV-1200-CNC Series Vertical I.D.CNC Cylindrical grinder is designed for a variety of high precision grinding applications. This machine can perform OD (Outside), ID (Internal diameter) and face grinding all in one setup on a typical application.

The machine can be equipped with a single wheel head or multiple wheel heads depending on the application and comes in two different models, “Z” axis sizes, 500 mm and 1000 mm.

The machine can be configured with an optional ATC, (Auto-Tool Changer) that can support 4 different configurations of grinding wheels. The worktable can be equipped with an optional “C” axis to control the positioning and/or feed of the table rotation.

This system can be fitted with optional in-process gauging and positioning equipment for the high products runs and can maintain your CPK standards.

The machine is also equipped with an attractive enclosure to keep the coolant and swarf contained!

The brain of this system uses the FANUC, Siemens, syntec, .. control. With this state-of-art control, your operators will have the edge needed to be competitive in this industry.

 Machine Technical Specifications

  • Swing Diameter: 1300mm
  • Grinding Diameter: 1200mm
  • Height: 500/1000mm
  • Table Diameter: 1280mm
  • Max Part Weight: 2800kg