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PRO Steel® Surface Series - DRY

PSR - PS2R - PSRD Series - DRY

Most Affordable Solution for your finishing of metal parts: good surface finish and deburring vertical burrs

Focussed on fine surface finish with Wide abrasive Belt - DRY use

PSR Series - DRY

Based on contact roller with wide Abrasive belt - DRY Working

PRO Steel® PSR Surface Series - DRY

PSR-Series: Based on contact roller with wide Abrasive belt

Profimach PSR- Series is an entry level wide abrasive belt sanding machine. It has been serving in the industry since our first establishment. As of now, there are over 2500 customers benefiting from PSR’s robust and efficient machine performance. It is capable of general surface sanding including removing deep scratches, surface finishing, oxide layer removal, and more.

PS2R Series - Special Stainless steel finishing

Dry working plate surface grinding and finishing for steel and stainless steel

PS2R - Series - DRY

Twin belt system for perfect stainless steel surface quality

Stainless steel sheet/coil surface finishing technology

PSRD - Series - DRY

Surface sanding, finishing, deburring, and edge rounding machine


Flexible and efficient deburring, edge rounding, and finishing machine

PSRD-Series would be best suitable for deburring, edge rounding, as well as surface sanding and finishing of punching, shearing, laser cutting parts. It is equipped with 2 work stations: a wide abrasive belt head and a zig-zag disk brush station.

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