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Premium Laser Welding Machines

Ecological and economical Laser Welding Machines

PhotonWeld A-Pro-Series

Compressor cooled portable Laser Welding Machines

PhotonWeld C-Series

Cobotised laser welding machine

PhotonWeld R-Series

Robot/cobot Ready laser Welding packages

PhotonWeld Series

Low Energy consumptions handheld Laser Welding Machines

Advantages of FIBER LASER welding

Short cycle times, high welding speed

Precise and high quality parts

Flexible integration and production

Low thermal deformation

Contact-free processing

Welding without adding material

No flame = NO fume


Peoples Safety, Peoples Health, Peoples Workload

WHERE do you want to work?

We don't talk about this very important subjects,

 we improve them all with our WOBBLE-3-Plus for your team!

Simply look to the pictures and make your own conclusions!! 


Where does your team want to stand to work?


We hope you see some differences that can interest you!!

If so, do not hesitate to contact us!!


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