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As a global leader in affordable but quality grinding machine technology, Profimach offers an extensive lineup of high-performance surface, universal, cylindrical, centerless, centergrind, camshaft, and crankshaft grinding machines.
Originally designed for high-production automotive manufacturing, our grinders excel in the most demanding applications and are available at very reasonable budgets. 

Profimach® Grinding Machines

High quality affordable grinding machines

These high precision grinders have been specially developed and improved in recent years. 

All essential castings are made of high grade of cast iron that is stress relieved through annealing to eliminate internal stress. With the greatest stiffness and stability of the castings, these machines are suitable for precision surface grinding.

These grinders are offered with twofull-year limited warranty for mechanical and electrical parts.

Profimach® Surface grinding Machines

Surface Grinders Range With Round Table

High quality affordable surface grinding machines with Round Table

PGVRV-Series : Rotary Table Surface Grinders with Vertical spindle

Rotary magnetic table from 750 mm till 2250mm - Segmented vertical Grinding Stone

PGVRV-CNC Series : Rotary table Type Surface grinders


PGVRH-Series : Rotary Table Surface Grinders with Horizontal spindle

PGSRC Series : Rotary table Column Type Surface grinders

PGVRI Series : Rotary table Vertical spindle Internal grinder

Profimach® Cylindrical grinding Machines

PGC - Cylindrical Grinding Machines

High quality affordable cylindrical grinding machines

OD Cylindrical grinder

PGC Series

Universal OD-ID cylindrical grinder

PGCU Series

Crankshaft grinder

PGCC Series


PGCR Series

Profimach® CNC Cylindrical grinding Machines

PGC-CNC - CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines

High quality affordable CNC Cylindrical grinding machines

Universal OD-ID cylindrical grinder


Profimach® Cylindrical internal grinding Machines - Deep hole grinding Machines

PGCI- Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Deep hole internal grinding machines

ID Cylindrical grinder

PGCI - Deep hole grinder

Universal OD-ID cylindrical grinder

PGCU Series

PGC-C - Centerless Grinding Machines

High quality affordable centerless grinding machines

Centerless grinding Machine

PGC Series

Centre hole Grinders Range - Centre cone grinders

High quality affordable Center hole and center cone grinding machines

Universal conventional Tool, Cutter and drill grinder

Manual- Semi automatic Ultra- flexible tool grinder

Big diameter Drill grinder

Profigrind PG-BPX Series CNC tool grinder

PG-GDX CNC Hob Grinding Machine

CNC Hob Grinding machine

Profimach® PG-CBPG-175

Carbide Blank pre-grinding and grinding Machines

Sink Welding Seam grinding machine

Full CNC Pregrinding and finish grinding of Sink welding seam in one setup

Sitemap of Profimach® Grinding Machines

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