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High Efficient CNC Gantry Belt Grinder for Trimming Edge in Kitchen Sink

This sink edge seam grinding machine is specially designed for Grinding the edge of Stainless-Steel Sink after seam welding. The CNC head turns around following a CNC programmed contour by the speed controlled by CNC servo drive and the polishing strip will follow the seam welding track automatically until it is finished completely.
Machine Working Process and Step : Load the Workpiece to the Fixing Jig of Working Table → Start the Machine→ The Grinding Strip and Sink Workpiece Start to Go Around, Up and Down→ Polishing Until Finish → Automatic Back to the Original Position→ Unload the Workpiece.

CNC 3D surface grinding and polishing machine for Seam-welded sink

This CNC sink grinding special machine utilizes abrasive belt polishing principle. The abrasive belt is driven by electric motor to conduct polishing on the edge of the welded sink. There are two processes for polishing. Firstly, use the coarse abrasive belt to grind the redundant cutting edge and the projection welding spots. Then use the fine abrasive belt to conduct polishing treatment. After these two processes can meet the requirement of sink grinding and polishing treatment. It is designed to use Mitsubishi professional automatic CNC control system. You only need to input the coordinate data of the product and start the machine, the abrasive belt of the machine will conduct grinding and polishing automatically within the track of preset program. The worker only needs to put and take out the sink.

The product must be fixed on the locating mould. Servo motors will drive the X and Y axle to run within the preset data of program. The machine could store 15 types of grinding models. The grinding wheel will move along with X direction and the max moving range is 1220mm while the max moving range of Y direction is 620mm. The Z axle can conduct moving up and down within the range of max 250mm while the A axle can conduct 360ºrotating under the control of servo motor.

Model PGSink-CNC1200
Input Power Three-phase 380V±10% 50Hz
Rated Capacity 10KVA
Grinding Wheel Diameter 50mm
Abrasive Belt Width 50mm
Abrasive Belt Rotating Speed 1400-2800mm/min (adjustable)
X Axle Moving Range ≥1220mm
Y Axle Moving Range ≥620mm
Z Axle Moving Range ≥250mm
A Axle Moving Range 360º
Rated Air Pressure 0.8MPa
Air Consumption 1m3/h