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Roll Grinding Machines

Wheel-Traverse vs Table-Traverse CNC Roll Grinding Machines

Roll grinding machines are types of cylindrical precision grinding machines that are used to grind rolls for use in various industrial processes. Most of the rolls that are machined are used in rolling mills, color and polymer coating line tempering mills, and other equipment.

There are two main types of CNC Roll grinding machines: wheel-traverse and table-traverse. The main difference between the two is the part that traverses (or moves horizontally). In the wheel-traverse type, the grinding wheel is the one that moves in relation to a rotating workpiece that’s held on a stationary worktable. By comparison, in the table-traverse type, the worktable itself moves horizontally in relation to a stationary, rotating grinding wheel.

Also, in table-traverse machines, the in-feed is adjusted by the carriage. Adjustments are made either inwards towards the grinding wheel or outwards away from the grinding wheel. In the wheel-traverse type, the in-feed is adjusted by the grinding wheel.

If rolls are poorly ground, the final product could be greatly compromised. However, with CNC roll grinding machines, this chance is eliminated due to the superior design and construction of these precision grinding machines. CNC roll grinding machines ensure that there’s excellent control of the tolerances involved in the process. They also ensure there’s a strict compliance with the surface finish requirements of the materials being produced. All of this is made possible by the fact that the machines are operated with user-friendly software.

CNC Roll Grinders -

Table-Traverse Type CNC Roll Grinding Machine

Wheel-Traverse Type CNC Roll Grinding Machine

PGCR-CNC Series - CNC Rollgrinder

Profimach's CNC Cylindrical Roll Grinders have heavy aged cast iron construction, that has been precision machined and hand-scraped. With a Hydro-Dynamic spindle on the wheel head and the Hydro-Static lubrication system on the table, these machines will give you many years of trouble-free operation and high accuracies.