Conventional Drill Grinding Machines

Big Diameter Drill Grinding Machine

3 Models : Diameter 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm - Precision structure, long usage

Workhead base is made of high strength aluminum alloy with precision boring and milling processing.
Spindle is adopted S.K.F. bearing steel, with high precision linear rotating bearing and less frictional resistance; the roundness can reach to 0.005 mm.
Both ends of the grinding wheel Mandrels is supported by precision bearings, the transmission between Mandrels and Motor is by the rubber coupling. The Mandrels has high stability and long usage, grinding wheel has balancing block for smooth operation.
The heavy duty compound slides and one pieces case based provide extra rigidity and minimize vibration.
Spindle and six-jaw chuck have lubrication device to ensure accuracy and usage life.
Simple operation and high accuracy. 
Simple operates without special operation skill.
Rotation the hand wheel, six-jaw chuck will automatically do rotation; back and forth movement, and oscillation movement, three actions simultaneously to create the arc of front end of the drill.
This machine is designed to focus on the practicality and efficiency. For variety of sizes and different shapes of the drill, operator can set completed in very short time.
To clamp the drill in the six-jaw chuck, turn the hand wheel to grind both sides of the drill edge. Both sides of drill edge and angel are completely equal without eccentric. After the accomplished of drill grinding, then can do drill web thinning without removing the drill from the chuck to ensure the accuracy of the center and reducing the cut resistance.

AllModels can produce the popular double angle point which consists of automatic self-centering, generated helical and corner bevel point grinds. The operator can choose any of these three points. There is no costly setup to grind drills, no cam changes or grinding wheel changes for different type points. Closer hole tolerance, better wall finish, burr-free holes during the drill break through will be realized along with longer lasting drills because of the variable clearance and adjustable point angles for different materials. Spade drills can be ground in their own holder which gives much closer tolerances compared to conventional methods.

MODEL: Profigrind PGT-60DG PGT-80DG PGT-100DG
Drill size (Φ2mm-Φ60mm) Φ4mm-Φ80mm Φ5mm-Φ100mm
Point angles 40º-180º 40º-180º 40º-180º
Clearance angle of drill 0º-18º 0º-18º 0º-18º
Motor 0.75kW 220V 0.75kW 220V 0.75kW 220V
Main Grinding Wheel 180mmx50mmx31.75mm 180mmx50mmx31.75mm 180mmx50mmx31.75mm
grinding the end of end mills 2,3,4,6,12 flute 2,3,4,6,12 flute 2,3,4,6,12 flute
Net weight 310 kg 360 kg 365kg
Dimensions 1000mmx950mmx1560mm 1120mmx1000mmx1540mm 1120mmx1000mmx1545


  • One 6 jaw self-centering chuck.
  • One grinding wheel (recessed one side)
  • One "dish" grinding wheel for point thinning.
  • Grinding wheel flange and balancing weight.
  • Two grinding wheel diamond dressers (one angle dresser and one straight).
  • No. 1,2,3,4 Morse Taper sleeve for PG-52DG
  • No. 2,3,4,5,6 M.T Sleeve forPG-80DG
  • Cam No.4 for point angle (40º-180º)
  • Cam No.6 for step drill
  • Cam No.8 for 4 flute taps or reamers
  • A.C. motor.
  • Tools for general use.
  • Service/instruction manual.

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